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christian union refers tofellowship of protestant christians in learning such fellowships the bible is only read but deep study is done hence the term Bible Club. kiu river primary schol is a christian sponsered institution.The school believes in God its doctries and belief are purely derived from the holy bible.Since its establishment the school has been operating under the PCEA sponsorship but later handed over to the ACK church.Several teachers took the responsibility of thr liturgy department as delegated from the administration of the institution. though the school is ACK sponsored,all denominations and faiths are accomodated so as to promote inclusivity,inter-religion,unity and co-existence among the KIU river fraternity. children across inter-religious beliefs participate in the morning and evening services under the guidance of their patron i.eevery monday and friday and other relevant activities that require the attention of their services. The school C.U practices non-discriminative value as one of its major virtues to promote and nurture spiritual growth among learners. The services offered includes praise and worship,memory verses.precceding church services. The purpose of C.U is to produce ppils who are guided by christian values,fear of God and are morally upright.our children need a strong Christian foundation. Kiu river primary school has always produced boys and girls who have shone in other parts of the country.Most successful people in Kenya are those managed by the churh.They grew up in discipline,hardwork and good morals Proverbs 9:10

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